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November 18, 2016

Abcam $1000 Travel Grant goes to….

Today Jacqueline Severino from the CRG in Barcelona has been named as the winner of the Abcam sponsored $1000 travel grant. Well done Jacqueline! You can read a bit more about her background on the Abcam travel grant page.

September 13, 2016

Offering a $1000 Travel Grant – sponsored by Abcam

We’re pleased to be able to offer another travel grant for the EMEA and Asia Pac regions, this time for $1000 (USD).  Thanks Abcam for sponsoring this travel grant.  It is aimed at PhD students and post-docs to enable them to get to scientific meetings that they otherwise might not have been able to attend.  We are also encouraging new PIs to apply as well – those that are in their first three years of being a Principal Investigator.

The travel grant will be awarded in mid November 2016 and application is the usual survey – link here.  Good luck to all those that apply!  For full details see the main travel grant page.

August 22, 2016

Science Jobs filling up!

We’ve had the science jobs page live for a little while now and several opportunities are now posted.  If you are advertising any vacancies in your lab you can post them by clicking the green button at the top of the jobs page.


June 27, 2016

Post-doc positions, studentships and other jobs in life science coming soon!

We are busy building a job board to host new vacancies in the world of life science.  Ranging from post-doc positions for newly graduated PhDs, to grant opportunities and Principal Investigator roles, we will have a simple no-fuss page listing openings all around the world.

Check back soon!

June 23, 2016

EACR offers grants to members

Recently we learned that the EACR (European Association for Cancer Research) offers travel grants and bursaries to it’s members.  Furthermore, it turns out that many research scientists don’t even know they are members of EACR!

National associations such as the British Association for Cancer Research are affiliated with the EACR, meaning that if you are a member of the national body you’re automatically a member of EACR – with the benefits that come with it such as the opportunity to apply for travel grants.  What surprised me and many other scientists I speak to is that there is a very good chance of receiving an EACR travel grant if you apply for it.

Here’s the list of associations affiliated to the EACR:

  • AEK: Arbeitsgemeinschaft experimentelle Krebsforschung der Deutschen Krebsgesellschaft (The German Cancer Society for Experimental Cancer Research)
  • ASEICA: Asociación Española de Investigación sobre el Cáncer (The Spanish Association for Cancer Research)
  • ASPIC: Associação Portuguesa de Investigação em Cancro (Portuguese Association for Cancer Research)
  • BACR: Belgian Association for Cancer Research
  • BACR: British Association for Cancer Research
  • HDIR: Hrvatsko društvo za istraživanje raka (Croatian Association for Cancer Research)
  • DSCF: Dansk Selskab for Cancerforskning (Danish Association for Cancer Research)
  • IACR: Irish Association for Cancer Research
  • ISCR: Israeli Society for Cancer Research
  • MOKAD: Moleküler Kanser Araştırma Derneği (The Association for Molecular Cancer Research, Turkey)
  • MOT: Magyar Onkológusok Társasága (Hungarian Cancer Society)
  • SDIR: Srpsko društvo istraživača raka (Serbian Association for Cancer Research)
  • SIC: Società Italiana di Cancerologia (The Italian Cancer Society)
  • SFC: Société Française du Cancer (The French Cancer Society)

If you don’t belong to one of these associations but would like information about joining EACR directly so that you can take advantage of their travel grants and bursaries, you can find out more on their membership page:
EACR membership page

Information about their travel grants and bursaries can be found on the following pages:
EACR travel grants
EACR bursaries

We hope you find this information useful!

June 4, 2016

ScienceImpact launches €1000 travel grant sponsored by CST

The beginning of June saw the launch of the €1000 travel grant aimed at PhD students and post-docs in Europe. Sponsored by Cell Signaling Technology this grant will enable the recipient to offset (or pay in full!) the costs of travel and accommodation to any recognised life-science conference of their choosing.

ScienceImpact is currently speaking with several other life science companies to bring about further travel grants that we can distribute amongst the funding-starved scientific research community.

You can find out more details about the current conference travel grant here.