Have you made a great antibody?

We can introduce you to the worlds leading antibody companies to get your antibody licensed and earning income for your lab.

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Is my antibody suitable for licensing?

If you can make multiple batches of your antibody reliably; giving consistent results in several applications then that’s a great start.  The more applications you have tested the antibody in, the more researchers are going to be able to use it.

How can ScienceImpact help?

We know a few of the leading antibody companies 🙂  If they are interested in commercialising  your antibody we will introduce you and your tech-transfer people to the right people in these companies.  Licensing can be a complex process and we’d like to set you off in the right direction.

Can I really earn much money by licensing my antibody?

If your antibody is against a protein target that only your group works on, then it’s clear there won’t be any demand for the antibody (until your Nature paper sets the world ablaze!).  If on the other hand it is an antibody against a protein target that is widely studied across many research areas then there is a good chance there will be commercial demand.  You are probably in a good position to judge how good the current commercial offerings are – if there are not many good antibodies out there against your target then you’re potentially onto a winner!

What about other reagents, cell culture media etc?

Of course many different types of research reagents and tools can be licensed – if you have something special then by all means let us know and we’ll see if there is a company in our network that might be interested.

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