€1000 CST Travel Grant: Europe

Winner announced on 12th August 2016: Pavel Vopalensky, Dresden!

This is a €1000 grant for attending a scientific meeting of your choice.  Open to PhD students and post-docs based in Europe, this travel award is kindly sponsored by the lovely folks at Cell Signaling Technology.
We offer these grants as our small way of helping up and coming scientists advance their career.

Pavel Vopalensky, winner of the €1000 CST Travel Grant


Pavel has chosen to attend the 2016 IMB Conference on Epigenetics in Development, to be held in Mainz, Germany in October 2016.

Pavel comes from a small village close to Jihlava, Czech Republic and grew up surrounded by the mild hills of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands frisking in pine scented forests, golden fields and blossoming meadows. To better comprehend the beauty of nature, he went to study biochemistry and biotechnology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. Afterwards, he continued with PhD studies at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague elucidating the evolutionary origin of the vertebrate eye. He decided to stay in evo-devo for his first postdoc and joined the group of Prof. Detlev Arendt at EMBL Heidelberg. Here, while analyzing the developmental cell lineage and the dynamic gene expression in the marine worm Platynereis dumerilii, Pavel became interested in how differential gene expression is orchestrated at the molecular level. Therefore, he joined Dr. Nadine Vastenhouw’s lab in fall 2015 to investigate transcriptional regulation underlying the first lineage decisions in zebrafish development. In his free time, Pavel likes singing in a choir or playing drums and exploring the countryside; hiking or biking together with his family.

Eligibility criteria

You must be based in Europe

Working in a life science ‘wet’ lab as a PhD student or post-doc

Use the award to attend a recognised scientific meeting within 12 months of receiving the grant

The recipient of the award to write a short article describing the meeting; this may be published on our website

Selection process and timing

The recipient of the award will be selected by random draw during the second week of August 2016.

Then we will notify all the applicants by email the results of the CST Travel Award.

This award has now closed.

How to apply…

Application is via a survey form.  All applications have now been received and the winner as been announced (see above).

Frequently asked questions…

“If I win, how will the award be paid?”
We pay the money to your organisation, finance department etc, and they direct the money to you.  This stops random members of the public applying for our awards.

“If I apply for this award, can I apply for future grants from you?”
Yes. You may apply for as many of our awards as you wish.

“Can I use the award to pay for a meeting I have already been to?”
It must be used to pay for conferences that occur after you are awarded the grant.

“I’m organising a meeting – can you provide us some funding or travel grants?”
At this time we don’t offer funding or grants to specific conferences. We only offer the travel grants that are publicised on our website.

“What can I use this money for?”
This award is to help with travel and meeting costs for a scientific conference anywhere in the world. It must be a life-science related meeting; for example, SfN or EACR.

“How do I apply?”
Press the green button ‘Apply for Travel Grant’. Complete the application form survey. Cross fingers.

“I’ve completed the application form survey – do I need to do anything else?”
No that’s it. Oh and cross fingers, pray to your god, wish upon a star – whatever works for you.

“Who is running this award?”
This award and all awards on this website are run by ScienceImpact. We are not affiliated with any other companies other than receiving their sponsorship for various awards.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The award money will be paid to the recipient via their institution or organisation.
  2. The onus is on the recipient to confirm that their institution or funding body allows them to receive awards of this nature, and if required to do so, the recipient must disclose the receipt of these funds to any relevant authority.
  3. Travel grant awards are not intended to be ‘saved’ for a future unknown event; the funds must be used for a scheduled and recognised scientific meeting within 12 months of receipt of the award.
  4. Applicants must work in a ‘wet-lab’ life-science research environment in a field such as molecular & cell biology, and be over 18 years of age.
  5. Only one application per person per grant is permitted.  If an applicant attempts to circumvent this by using different email addresses or variations of their name, we reserve the right to remove all of their applications.
  6. The winner of the award is selected by random draw from the pool of applicants; this process is managed by ScienceImpact and our decision is final.
  7. If the award is sponsored by a third-party company it will clearly state this on the Award Page and any survey data collected, including contact details, are passed onto the sponsoring company.  All sponsoring companies agree to honour any unsubscribe requests.