Apply for one of our conference travel grants

Offering funding opportunities for PhD students, post-docs and PIs

We run travel grants so you can attend scientific conferences anywhere in the world

Who can apply?

You must be a life scientist in an academic research environment.  PhD students and post-docs are encouraged to apply and PIs are also eligible, although they may elect to hand the award to one of their lab members.

Phytophthora infestans
Apply via survey

It’s easy to apply for the travel grants; there is a survey application form for each one that only takes a minute or two to fill in.  Normally the application window lasts 2-3 months, and then the winning applicant is drawn randomly.  The winner can use their travel grant money to attend any recognised scientific conference in the world.

And the catch?

We want to be completely transparent about how this works.  Life science companies love to see data from researchers like you about what research areas you work in and what you think about their company.  These life science companies provide money for the travel grants and get survey data in return.

Launched November 2016:


Announcing our $1000 Novus Biologicals Travel Grant

January 14th 2017: Applications are now closed for this latest travel grant.

Previous travel grants:


The Abcam Travel Grant award closed on the 18th November 2016; the winner of the $1000 award was Jacqueline Severino.


The CST Travel Grant award closed on the 12th August 2016; read more about the winner Pavel Vopalensky.

  • “a fantastic scheme, especially in the current context of uncertainty around the EU referendum and what this might mean for research funding. I will pass it on to my PhD students and postdocs”

    - Dr Sabine Totemeyer, Nottingham

  • “An excellent initiative, many thanks”

    - Prof Yvonne Alexander, Manchester

  • “This is an excellent initiative that should be very helpful these days when we are suffering from tremendous cuts in research.”

    - Prof Anna Planas, Barcelona

  • “Thanks a lot! I have forwarded this to my group members, and wish you also the best of luck with your program!”

    - Dr Lynn Kamerlin, Uppsala